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Wednesday, September 18, 2013



Richard Stallman is an American born on March16, 1953. He is a Software Freedom Activist and a Software Engineer.

The invention and evolution of LINUX operating system dates back to 80's and 90's. He worked at MIT's Artificial Intelligence lab and things started to look bad for him with the collapse of free software community with was existent during that period. With the modern era operating systems on a raise there were no free software's. All software's' came with
a non-disclosure agreement which said, you are not allowed to share or change the software, if a change is required prior permission from the company is mandatory and the changes will be done by the company itself. This sounded very antisocial for Stallman and the free software community who enjoyed sharing there programs and source-code with universities and companies. With the collapse of his community he always had a choice of joining proprietary software world which means to make software's under non-disclosure agreement which was against his morals. He chose to quit which was rather an pleasant thing to do as it was a waste of his skills as a operating system developer. He wanted to build that community back which encouraged free software.

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