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Thursday, September 19, 2013

FSF........ARTICLE 4


The free software foundation was started by Stallman as more and more people were starting to get involved in the GNU project  by making their contributions. This forced Stallman to look for some funding so, in 1985 he started FREE SOFTWARE FOUNDATION which was a tax exempt society for free software development. Gradually more and more programs were added and some of the notable ones are the C-library and the SHELL. 

                                                 By 1990 the GNU project was almost completed. All the major packages and applications were added but the heart of the operating system was missing thats the Kernel. Without the Kernel it was not possible to manage resources.The decision was to implement the Kernel as a collection of server processes and was nearly equal to UNIX kernel. A microkernel was developed and was named GNU HURD which meant the heard of gnus.

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